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OneSpirit Interfaith ministry was first founded back in 1981 in New York and has been established in Ireland since 2008. In Ireland we have over 100 ministers in all counties North and South and we have formed to be OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers of Ireland Association.We are affiliated to OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in the UK.

Active since 2008

Our Irish Ministers

Meet those that have joined us from all walks of life. Irish bred ministers offering their service and acting as the bridge between faiths. With a variety and range of experience, we are here to meet you and guide you on your journey, no matter where you are now and where it may lead.

OneSpirit Ireland

Our Interfaith Ministers have had an active presence in Ireland since 2008. We offer a broad selection of services including unique and bespoke legal weddings, ceremony facilitation and guidance, legal wedding solemnisation, funeral ceremonies, naming ceremonies and spiritual counselling.

We are trailblazers – one of the first non-church minister groups registered with the Civil Registration Authority as Marriage Solemnisers. We are made up of people from all walks of life, and we honour all faiths and none. We embrace all.

We serve the people of Ireland and internationally.

We Have No Church.

We are a community brought together by our individual vows and shared beliefs in serving the needs of others.


We aim to keep our hearts and minds open to everyone. We refuse to marginalize people on the basis on
age, disability, state of health, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality,
economic status, or any other distinction.

LGBTQ+ Allies  •  Inclusivity & Diversity  •  No Discrimination

About Us

Knowing that truthfulness brings freedom, we aim to cultivate conscious and clear communication. We aim to speak and listen as truly as we can, being mindful that our words are kind, true, and useful.


For general enquiries and questions.

Our Belief

We understand the importance of practicing what we preach, and agree to uphold the ethical and practical principles of the spiritual path we follow. We recognize that all paths emphasize the importance of honesty, respecting self and others.

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